Welcome to Triple Crown Racing, Horse Racing Tips

We provide a professional Horse Racing tips service to investors looking for a great return on their capital. Whether you have £1,000 or £100,000 as capital introduced in your betting bank, we can provide an alternative to the stock market and casinos on the internet.

Triple Crown Products Limited’s business culture is based on providing a world class service while still retaining the value for money that our clients seek.


Having been in the betting game for over a decade now and while not successful at first I have gained enough experience in that time to have found what works for me. From tipsters to systems to ratings I have no doubt spent 10,000+ hours on the subject.


Now towards the end of 2012, having worked on the Horse Racing model since 2008 and live testing during 2012 (backed with cash), I am ready to open the model to the paying public.


Please read through the material on this website and I look forward to welcoming you as a client in the near future.


2012 Stats - Professional Service

310 Wins from 1,192 Bets = 26% Strike Rate

Profit at Advised Prices = +365.54pts = 31% Return On  Investment

Thats 365% Interest on your investment, 52yrs (@3%) worth of bank interest in one year!